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Give Your eBay Site the Edge Over Your Competition

when you start an eBay store, you know you’ll have a lot of competition and that you’re going to have to do some marketing to get your items noticed. The best way to make sales isn’t to just sit and wait and hope.

Selling on eBay is just like selling anywhere else – you have to make some noise. One really interesting way to do that is to integrate your eBay store into your own WordPress website.

eBay is one of the most popular sales outlets on the ‘net. Virtually anybody can set up a shop on eBay and run an online store. Integrating your eBay store into your WordPress website will give you an advantage because you have a platform to promote your items from. You can take it even further by becoming an eBay affiliate through the eBay Partner Network and make even more money from affiliate sales.

The eBay Partner Network

One reason to display eBay auction items on your own website is you can get a commission from the sale. Anyone who goes to eBay through your link and makes a purchase is an affiliate sale for you. This is done through the eBay Partner Network (ePN). You can get a good commission through this network. The affiliate rewards vary depending on the category and location.

What’s even cooler is that you get a commission for the sale even if it’s your own products that sell. So you get paid twice – once for selling the item and once for being an affiliate and having someone buy through your link. You can share these links on several sites and social networks. Just make sure that when you share your eBay listings that you follow eBay’s policy. You can post links on other sites, but buyers must come to eBay to buy your items.

To optimize your affiliate sales, and promoting your own items from your WordPress blog, you’ll want to follow these tips:

Write relevant and value-added articles
Update your site regularly
Drive traffic through social networking
Encourage users to write product reviews
Always inform users that your links are affiliate links
Always inform users they are going to eBay with your affiliate link when they click on your links
Direct traffic to the most relevant eBay site by using geo-targeting
Send users directly to the products they’ve clicked on
Provide Advanced Search options on your website
Target new users
Target users that haven’t bought on eBay in a while (you get an extra bonus for this)

Use analytics to your advantage
Integrate eBay listings into your site using pages, posts, widgets, and embedded into your eBay theme

This last tip will be the focus for the rest of this article. The listings can be your own or someone else’s.

Integrating with eBay

There are many advantages of integrating eBay listings within your site. We’ve already seen the advantage of affiliate sales, but there are also advantages for your own sales and your business and brand. Integrating your eBay listings into your WordPress website increases your brand awareness. It also gives you a platform where you can discuss your products and promote them.

What This is Not

This is not a way to post scripts to eBay automatically. This is against eBay’s HTML and JavaScript policy. This is not a way to post to your eBay seller’s account from your WordPress website. This does not let you manage your eBay store from WordPress.

What This Is

This is a way to show your (or anyone else’s) eBay listings on your WordPress site. That’s a great way to show your products that you have for sale on eBay. There are two ways to display eBay listings on your WordPress website: posting them manually, and by using plugins.

Posting eBay Listings to Your WordPress Website by Hand

WordPress makes it easy to paste outside links in your posts and pages, but it’s not the same process as just pasting a regular URL. For eBay links this will only display the URL and not the eBay auction. To post the auction, you just go to your ePN page, select tools, select Link Generator, fill in the information, generate the link, copy the URL, and paste it into your post or page on its own line.

This works great for a few posts. One problem is there is no way to automatically handle the post after the auction has ended. This means you either have to delete the post, manually update the post, or have a post on your site that links to an auction that has ended. This can get very time-consuming if you run a store on eBay and you want to post all of your items (which could be a LOT of items).

A better way to handle this is by using a plugin.

The Best Plugins for Integrating eBay with WordPress

There are lots of plugins that display eBay listings in WordPress. You can display them in several ways including pages, posts, widgets, and even theme integration (instructions are included with many of the plugins, so they help make this easy). Most use shortcodes and allow you to choose what to display using categories and eBay user ID’s. Here is a look at some of the better, and up-to-date, plugins that will perform these tasks easily without having to use other supporting plugins.eBay Wordpress Theme

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